Goodbye to Amici, the Italian show

Martina Nadalina, one of the professional dancers of the italian show Amici‘s team, says goodbye to the TV show for problems and misunderstandings with the artistic director of the show, Giuliano Peparini and his sister Veronica.martina

An unexpected goodbye that shocked many fans of the TV show.

Martina wrote her goodbye to Amici, in italian addio ad Amici, via a post on the popular social network Facebook, a very shocking post:

“I think I must tell to all of the people that are following me since long time, and have a good consideration of my person, that today after 5 years of hard work and fun, for my choice I leave Amici. Many years that I have worked in tv and I have never had to please anyone to be able to work, and I am not willing to start now dear Veronica Peparini. But I understand you, your lack of self confidence get you like this”

And also: “And then here you are, speaking of art and modesty ahahah… you touch me so much Giuliano Peparini. You called me a **** but It doesn’t touch me at all! They taught me to be with my feet on the ground. I must say thank you to my family to made me understand what are the important things in life!”

Giuliano Peparini, accused together with his sister Veronica Peparini to have caused Martina to say goodbye to the TV show Amici, has worked to the setup of the shows of Cirque Du Soleil, and several musicals like Romeo and Juliet – Love and change the world. To the french version of America’s got talent and he won a lot of awards and prizes in France.

Martina Nadalini, beloved by the TV show Amici’s Fans, comes out from a brilliant career into artistic gymnastic, where she even won gold and silver medals.

Since 2010 during the Amici TV show, Martina has always been considered a very good dancer and a very beautiful girl.